Raised and Flattened Expanded Mesh

Raised Mesh

Strands are inclined from the plane of the sheet.

Open Area %

Normal: is viewed when the sheet is held at right angles to the line of vision.

Maximum: is viewed when the thickness of the strand is parallel to the line of vision. This dimension doesn’t apply to flattened mesh.

Information Required

  • Reference Number from brochure or website.
  • Raw material specification
  • Sheet size or coil width
  • Flattened or raised mesh
  • LW and SW dimensions (see illustration 1 & 2)
  • Stock range available off the shelf
  • Bespoke options made to customer’s specification
  • All dimensions quoted are nominal Eurexpand tolerances apply.
  • Ash & Lacy Terms & Conditions apply
  • Ash & Lacy reserves the right to modify the stock range at any time

Illustration 1


1250mm LW x 2500mm SW

Illustration 2


2500mm LW x 1250mm SW

LW: Long way of mesh dimension
SW: Short way of mesh dimension

Illustration 3 – Raised mesh dimensions


The Long Way of the mesh pitch and the Short Way of the mesh pitch are measured from knuckle to knuckle


Illustration 4 – Flattened Mesh Dimensions


Long Way and Short Way measurements are aperture dimensions