Expanded Metal Façade for Loughborough University

Project Details

David Morley Architects

Baggaley Construction Ltd

William Cooper Ltd

Expanded Metal Mesh & Support System

Ash & Lacy supplied curved, expanded metal mesh screen panels for a fantastic new office development to house some of the UK’s National Sports Governing Bodies, in Loughborough.

Owned by Loughborough University and located on a gateway site to the University campus, SportPark plays host to various sporting organisations in 3 pavilions, over 4 storeys.

The project was designed by David Morley Architects and the expanded metal mesh envelope materials strike a balance between life span, low maintenance requirements and aesthetics.

Bringing the fire escape stairwells to the exterior of the building was a part of this specification – a move which required a carefully considered aesthetic solution.

The benefits of using expanded metal and perforated panels around areas such as fire escapes, is the additional shelter from the elements it provides, creating a safe and dry fire escape route, while also allowing adequate ventilation. As well as the product itself being a low-maintenance solution, it also reduces costs further by allowing natural light to illuminate the stairwells in daylight hours, as opposed to fitting extensive lighting. The screen itself requires no additional framework to support the panels, reinforcing the transparent appearance specified by the architects, reducing the visual bulk whilst still retaining form.